Day 3 juicing….ugh…..

Day 3 juicing....ugh.....

So, I’m at day 3 of juicing now and I have to say-It has been harder than I anticipated. The first 2 days the headaches were excruciating. At one point I even thought -I can’t do this. Then I remembered that I’m down to less than two weeks before I leave for Costa Rica and since I don’t want to look like this picture, I pushed through it and sure enough it got better. I feel better though (not great) but I am assured by Joe’s website that this is common. I do see a change in just 3 days on this diet. I look leaner and can tell my skin looks better. So I’ll keep drinking and writing to those that aren’t reading…..yet.

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Well as you could guess, I'm from Milwaukee. Ok, I'm from Missouri, but I lived in Tennessee when I started this blog. I moved here after a 4 year stint in the Marines. Tennessee has not been great to me-let me rephrase that- Tennessee has kicked my ass. So here I am. 38 and still looking for where I'm going in my life. So follow along as I look for answers both here and there....

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