Day 2-still alive

Day two – after hanging out at the beach we stopped and had lunch at Hot Rocks. Antonio (above) was the coolest person we met so far in Costa Rica. His story is an awesome one. He kept us laughing and when he got off work he stayed and hung out with us. Great dude and if you are down this way, I highly suggest coming here and meeting him.

Just believe him when he say “this will sneak up on you.” He ain’t lying.

We also met Frank and Joanna from Colorado. We all talked about foods and what we put in our bodies. They both educated me on alkalizing your body and eating foods that are in season. Pretty wild stuff, but I love learning new things and meeting new people. Frank and Joanna just got engaged and make one awesome couple. Glad we met them.

Not sure what this was, but it tasted like a grape and was good.

The band at hot rocks was good and had a good vibe going. Nice, chilled place.

Bathroom (in case you were wondering)

Heading back to the beach for some sun. We definitely look like two hillbillies whose bodies have never seen the sun. Everyone else has great tans!

Yep, pretty rough here.

Does it get any prettier?

My ode to Toney, my mentor. 🙂

We changed motels and are staying at a hostel now. We paid $50 a night at hotel. This is what $10 gets you.

Not to shabby for the price. Anyway, hope all is well back home. Off to the beach again. We are going to go to jaguar rescue tomorrow I believe. Not sure. One thing about here is there is no rush. Nobody stresses over anything. Seems like a good idea….

2 thoughts on “Day 2-still alive”

  1. Nice of u to include Toney in your trip! Lol are people being pretty nice? The beach looks beautiful. I don’t know about that bathroom and the lil girls room y’all took over for tonight!

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