A bedtime tale…

After a day at the beach
We’re both kinda tired

Caleb smoked pot
And will probably be fired (just kidding dad!!)

We returned to our room for a good nights rest

So I went to the shower
(I thought it’d be best)

The Hilton it’s not
But it ain’t quite so bad

That was the coldest shower I’ve ever had

I don’t think the plumbing is quite up to code

And I won’t even tell you about the public commode.
But we’re all tucked in now,
And ready for sleep
But my pillow smells like somebody’s feet…..

3 thoughts on “A bedtime tale…”

  1. Love the boat that says “just like that”…pretty sweet! I’m jealous and would love to be on the beach with you and having some of that famous coffee! However, I will stay in our bathroom. No thank you very much to whatever 253 people ago left there for you! Wow! Is that mildew and mold or straight S$!?
    Regaleme una imperial!!!!!

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