Cahuita national park

We left out this morning from puerto veijo in the pouring rain.

20140408-151115.jpg and took a bus to Cahuita to see the national park. We already love it here. Definitely a more laid back, less crowded place. We took off to the park (about 20 meters from our hotel)

It was beautiful




We saw some howler monkeys in the trees. They were, well, howling. The mom had a baby on her back as she jumped from tree to tree. It was awesome


This little dude was cool.

We walked about 5 miles in it and tomorrow will go see an animal sanctuary here.
Pretty sure we got some kind of stomach bug because every 5 minutes we are running for a bano. Who would think that a mystery stew with a chickens foot sticking out of it could do that?

After the walk we had a snack

Then took our clothes to laundry mat. They have a quick service of only waiting 4 hours 🙂 so we grabbed some lunch

Then ran to the bano again.
We are heading to the beach. Hope everyone is well back home. Adios!

6 thoughts on “Cahuita national park”

  1. I’m jealous! That looks pretty cool! Even the rain looks nice and relaxing!
    Stay away from the chicken feet (did you seriously eat something with a chicken foot in it)?!?! That is NOT puts vida Wes! E. coli is real!!!
    Be safe!

  2. So let’s see….while you’re frolicking in the sun (and rain) and sand, we’re back here doing all your work. No, no, it’s OK, we know you’d do the same for us. No really, please don’t get all teary over this, we like doing all this extra work. Wait, you’re not crying………you’re laughing!!!!!!!
    Like all your pics. No so sure about some of the food and now you’ve confirmed it! And pink bedspreads, really??
    We all miss you and hope you’re having a terrible time 🙂

    1. Hahaha! It’s been rough here but we are trying to make it. And ya I have been known to make a bad decision or 6! 🙂 I do miss you all and can’t wait to share with you some great stuff!

  3. The park looks amazing. I don’t care for the lil green creatures and not sure I would like a monkey swinging over my head! Thanks for taking lots of pics I look forward to opening your page every so often and seeing new stuff. PS don’t let Sharon fool you she gave me all the shitty work! LOL

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