Down but not out…..yet

So those that work with me will get a kick out of hearing that my brother and I have had a stomach bug for 6 days as of today. After consulting Dr. Google we have decided we have Travelers D ( you can guess what the D is for). The stomach pain has gotten a little worse and if not better by Sunday when I’m home, I will go see my doctor. I haven’t been bed ridden or anything but I haven’t been worth a crap. Literally!

Moving on though!
After a hot, miserable night in Cahuita, we left back for a final night (with our new buddy Antonio at Hot rocks) in Puerto viejo. We got a motel because hostel living is an acquired taste. Meaning it ain’t mine. But hey, I tried and we roughed it good. Trust me. Anyway, here are some pictures from our last day and when I get back I plan on writing a final trip blog on my experience in Costa Rica as well as some thoughts on it.
This was breakfast the last day at my favorite little diner on the beach called Pirata Pirate. It was veggie cakes with humus and fresh salsa

This adorable little German girl and her brother were playing and when I tickled her she kept wanting to get tickled more. She was adorable

One last night at hot rocks

When Antonio heard my stomach was killing me he gave me a shot of salt and lime. It went down like napalm but he assured me it would fix what ailed me. It didn’t in the long run but did for a bit.

We are back in San Jose tonight at another hostel but this one is very nice and clean an has great pizza so it was nice. We are both ready to get home and we leave tomorrow for Houston. Thanks for reading! (We’re still alive dad!)

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Well as you could guess, I'm from Milwaukee. Ok, I'm from Missouri, but I lived in Tennessee when I started this blog. I moved here after a 4 year stint in the Marines. Tennessee has not been great to me-let me rephrase that- Tennessee has kicked my ass. So here I am. 38 and still looking for where I'm going in my life. So follow along as I look for answers both here and there....

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6 thoughts on “Down but not out…..yet”

  1. A stomach virus? Yikes! My dad picked one up in Guatemala and it took him 3 months to fully get rid of it. You just need more time at a hostel for your body to toughen up 🙂

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