Final thoughts on Costa Rica? Go to the Pacific side

Monday comes to a close and hopefully, my stomach bug does too. The antibiotics seem to be helping. No stomach cramps tonight so I’m a happy dude!

So final thoughts? Well, Costa Rica is not my kind of place. Let me rephrase that and say that Puerto Viejo isn’t my kind of place. The locals are all friendly, but most tourist countries are friendly to tourists because they want their business. It seems to make sense. Puerto Viejo is a small surfer city that Germans and mother nature lovers (stoners) seem to love a lot. It’s dirty and free from commercialism and that’s the way they like it. While my brother and I were at The Tree of Life center, a group of local business owners came there to talk to the owner of the center about joining to keep “big business” out. They all care and that’s pretty cool. They like the fact they are not like the Pacific side where there are more commercialized things to do. The tourists that also seem to love this area are Germans and they are everywhere. A lot of them live there, I noticed, and most of the children that did not appear to be of the Afro Caribbean culture were of German descent. Basically, it was not at all what I thought it was going to be and I was a little disappointed. Most things just seemed dirty to me and while I tried to let go of my American ways and rough it, I found that I can rough it as long as it’s clean. My brother and I ended up with a stomach parasite from uncleanliness and it was the worst experience I have ever had.

Having said that, there was beautiful things to see there, but I wish we had gotten to see the Pacific side where apparently the whole area is different. This is where most of the expats seem to move. Of course, it’s more expensive. Overall, my brother and I had a great trip and I enjoyed seeing him in enjoy his first time out of the country or on a plane. The kid can sleep through a hurricane; has a stomach that could store napalm; and even still I wonder….what is he in deep thought about? 😎 I already miss him…

I can’t say I’ll ever return to that area or Costa Rica anytime in the near (or far) future. One time was good enough. We met some great people along the way such as Antonio who worked at Hot Rocks. The man knew everything about the area and had a great perspective on things. We met Banessa, who worked at Pirata Pirate where we sat and drank coffee and ate breakfast overlooking the beach. She was always smiling and even though she spoke little English you could tell she was just an overly happy person. That’s one thing I will say about all the people there is that they all seem to have no stress in life and just take it easy. Most of them because they are high, but those like Antonio- who doesn’t smoke pot- are always wearing a smile and willing to help someone.

So, now that I seem to maybe be getting healthy, I plan on starting a new set of posts on health and working out. Once this demon in my stomach is exorcized, I plan on hitting the gym hard and reading up on properly alkalizing your body and eating clean.

I’m always willing to explore new things and learn about healthy living so any ideas? Gimme something new!

One thought on “Final thoughts on Costa Rica? Go to the Pacific side”

  1. Wes, glad you are feeling better! Too many fruity drinks with local water? Sounds like you guys got a case of Montezuma’s Revenge without benefit of going to Montezuma 😦 I loved Montezuma (Pacific), Monteverde, and La Fortuna when I went there. At the very least, I hope your trip expanded your horizons along with your Spanish vocabulary and made you feel thankful for good ole USA. Maybe you should try Europe? More expensive but also a little more sophisticated with modern conveniences. Shout out if South America appeals to you come November…… Cheers,

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