Working on your Author Brand

So, I’ve learned there are many things that an author can do to get his work out there and establish a following. There’s social media, public appearance, book signings, etc. One of the first steps, however, is finding out who you are trying to appeal to. For me, I would like to reach a wider audience. As a Marine Corps Veteran and current police officer, I try to stay up on politics and current events, so I have a strong desire to put my two cents in on the way our country is being ran or the way that police officers are portrayed (all tied in with a little humor and sarcasm).

I, also, love the joy that children bring me in my life. My daughter (although not a “kid” anymore) is my greatest joy in life. I love when she lets me into her mind and I can see what kids are dealing with these days. They are our future and, believe it or not, their minds are shaped by the things they see and hear. We have a chance to be a positive influence in an un-positive world.

So, who do you want to reach and why?

Think long and hard about it and then start building toward it. I’m still learning by trial and error. Also, let’s help each other out with ideas. We are story tellers. There are stories in us that need told and we can help each other bring them out!




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