A real close friend of mine shared with me a personality test that they recently took for a job. The test asked this question:

There is an apple at the top of a very tall tree. There are four animals that you can “be” in order to get the apple. A giraffe, squirrel, monkey, or a Lion. Which animal are you?

Immediately, I thought, “the Lion.” To me, it made the most sense.

When I told my friend that I would be the Lion, they laughed and said that only about 3-4 out of 200 people chose the Lion. The giraffe was considered the logical choice, since it is tall and could just reach and grab the apple. The squirrel was considered the “doer.”  The monkey was considered the thinker, since I assume he would have to think out the path to take to get the apple. (I may be wrong on which animal was which, but my focus here is the Lion, anyway!)

And then there was the Lion. The Lion was the “never give up” choice. To me, the Lion would just shake the hell out of the tree so that the apple would drop. I figured that made me more aggressive, but the fact that it was labeled more of a “never give up” type of personality, made me do a lot of thinking.

I have always been a Lion. No matter where life has led me, or the crappy places that I have led myself; I have never given up, even when I wanted to. There are times that I just want to lay down and hope that the apple, eventually, falls off the tree, but I don’t.

I get up and shake the hell out of that tree, until it falls.

So which animal are you?

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