READY! SET! …..wait

How many times in life are you ready to go?

You’re ready for a change, so you Google the new life you are wanting to set out on and you make plans to leave the daily grind in the rear view mirror. You want to travel, so you look up the most beautiful Island you can find (it’s in Thailand, by the way) and you set your mind toward the adventure.

What to do with your bills, however? You don’t have enough in savings to cover them while your gone, do you?

What about the job you have? You know they don’t like you enough to let you just take off for a month or so and then walk back in like they are lucky to have you.

Then you’ve got your friends to think about, also. Sure, they all think the idea is cool as hell-to want to take off and explore the beautiful world, but they are comfortable in their 9-5 and making sure they catch new episode of The Walking Dead on whatever night it comes on (I think it’s on Wednesday’s)

No, you are someone different. Maybe a little odd, even.

You don’t want the same old thing. You want more out of this life. You feel the need–no, The Calling- to be more.

You are the person that finds yourself alone in a crowd. Standing in a room of people, but disconnected from everyone. You sometimes wonder why you were made this way. Why you can’t be happy watching The Big Bang Theory and laughing at it’s mindless humor and  fake pumped in laughter, instead of wondering why you are letting your dreams pass by, while watching actors live theirs.

And you are not alone.

So what keeps us from leaving? Well, everything I just talked about. They are all good reasons, but they are all excuses.

Rob and Nadine Pisani were the same as us and thought the same things that we do. They had the same doubts, as well, but in the end, the chose to sell it all. If anything that I’ve said has hit struck a chord with you, then take the time to watch their video.


Sometimes, we have to break away from our comfort zone. As my old man says, “you gotta get your vehicle out of the ruts or it will just drive itself.” For those of you that have never lived in the country (and I mean DEEP country), he is referring to the dirt roads we have always lived on. When the rain is bad and the roads get muddy-ruts start forming. You can let go of the wheel and the vehicle will drive itself, basically in the ruts. Pulling out of them can be tricky, because you will slide around and can lose traction.

Sometimes you can even get stuck. Sure, you could leave the truck or car just stuck in the mud, but more than likely, even if you had to walk somewhere to get a tow truck, you’ll get it out.

But if you take a second to realize what you are doing, then you will pull out just fine. If you’re in a truck? Drop the it down into 4×4 and climb out. If your in a car? What the hell you doing taking a car down a muddy dirt road, city slicker? Its a great metaphorical scene that he has told me for a very long time and now that I am older, it could not be more true.

Life is seldom a paved road. It’s usually a dusty, dirt road and it’s impossible to come off of it with a clean car.

Sometimes, you can’t pass the creek thats overflowing, so you have to wait.

Sometimes your going to get stuck in the mud.

You can let go of the wheel and drive in the ruts or you can climb out of it and get on more solid ground (or switch between the two for some off-roading, but this is only for the experienced-both driving or emotionally).

You see where I’m going with all this, right?

The point is that we are in control even when we don’t feel like we are. It just takes some patience and determination to make our dreams come true.

Now, I’m gonna finish my Starbucks and see what time the next Walking Dead is on, while I google islands I want to move to….

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