It all comes down to love….or the lack of

This may be more of a rambling post, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the topic of love.

What is it?

We all know that it’s not a feeling that “comes from the heart.” The heart doesn’t have feeling. Our brain is what gives us feeling. Our brain is what tells us, “Hey that stove is hot. Don’t touch it” or tells us “I wouldn’t do that, dude.” Love is no different than any other feeling we have.

So, why is it our driving force in life?

(Follow with me)

From the crackhead in the alley to the couple in the penthouse suite; Love drives us. The crack head didn’t just start smoking crack one day because it felt like the thing to do. He/she needed to feel something that he wasn’t feeling. He needed a “high” to help him get through his lack of love. This can be from lack of parental love or love of family, but love is the reason he needs the escape.

The penthouse couple is driven by the love of success or the love of money. Material things are what mean a lot to them. They may be happy as can be, but still, there is a need for love that they require.

Love is powerful. Love can hurt you. Love can heal you.


“You can be hurt by love, or healed by the same.”

We get wrapped around the word “love.” Love is something that we cannot touch, but can feel in every fiber of our being. It can lead us to do things that we normally wouldn’t do. Love will make us walk to the ends of the earth for someone.

Love comes in different forms, too.

The love I have for my daughter has no end to it. There is no expiration date and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. At 15, she doesn’t understand this kind of love. She hasn’t experienced enough in life to know what it means. I would die for her if it was needed (I kind of hope that it won’t be, though). My love for her is different, however, than the love I would have for a significant other. It’s a paternal love.

Love is strange. Love is amazing. Love is the most hurtful thing you will ever experience. Love will be the greatest experience you have. Love will make you fall for the wrong person. Love will help you find the right one.

We all need love. We may try to think we don’t. We may put things before love, but it is still the foundation for what we are trying to accomplish.

Love means different things to everyone. One thing is very clear, though. Two people have to share the same goals in love or it will never work.

Love can be the cure, but it can also be the reason you are willing to walk away.

So, what do you love?


One thought on “It all comes down to love….or the lack of”

  1. You’re right. We were not created to be solitary creatures. And timing is everything. I needed to see this, and here it was. Thank you.

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